Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hazrat Akbar (a.s) To Imam Hussain (a.s)

As he was falling from his horse, he cried out. "O Father, my last salaams to you!" As he hit the ground the spear broke but the blade remained lodged in Hazrat Ali Akbar's (AS) chest. When Imam Husayn (AS) heard Hazrat Ali Akbar's (AS) salaam he looked at Furaat where Hazrat Abbas (AS) lay and said, "Abbas! Now when your brother needs you most, where have you gone? Oh Abbas". With all his strength sapped by the anguish in Ali Akbar's (AS) voice, Imam Husayn (AS) began to walk towards the battlefield. When Imam Husayn (AS) got to where Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) lay he took him in his arms. Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) had his right hand on the chest. He placed his left arm over the shoulder of his father. Imam Husayn (AS) said, "Akbar, why do you embrace me with one arm only?" Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) would not reply. Imam Husayn (AS) tried to move Hazrat Akbar’s (AS) hand, however he resisted. Imam (AS) gently moved the hand. Then he saw one of the most horrific sights of the day of Ashoora! He saw the blade of a spear.

Imam Husayn (AS) laid Ali Akbar (AS) on the ground and then sitting on his knees he put both his hands on the blade of the spear. He then looked at Najaf, and cried out, "Baba Ya Mushkil Khusha (Help me Baba!)" He pulled out the blade, Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) took a deep sigh, and then lay still forever. At such a young age Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) gave up his life for Islam. His bravery and faith should be a lesson for all of us to overcome our daily jihad to stand up for the respect of our religion it so undeniably deserves. Imam Husayn’s (AS) family sacrificed their lives for Islam and that alone deserves much respect.

May Allah Give Our Young Generation The Taufeeq To Follow The Footpath Of Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) And Allah Give Life, Health And Iman To Our Youth For The Sake Of Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS) Ameen. U CAN ALSO VIEW DIS PIC IN SAA'DAT SECTION..............