Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I KnOw u r aLwaYs TheRe 4 Me.......:)

You have always been there for me
 I just need to open up my eyes and see 

You would never let me go astray
 It is me who allows the shaytaan to take me away 
You are the only one I need
 I have to stop and take heed 
You will run to me as I begin my walk to you
 How do I put aside my desires? I really have no clue 
I have began to drown myself in great sin
 Ya Allah you are the only one who can help me swim 
Help me be patient and give me the ability to stay strong
 Otherwise I will stay deep within and continue to commit wrong 
I know ya Allah you will not let me down.. You will always be there
 That's because your the most merciful and you surly do care 
I know I can always count on you to be my side
 You will never shut the door rather you will keep it open real wide.....