Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sermon Of BiBi Zainab


When Zainab reached Kufa, she addressed people with fury words:
"Praise to Allah, and may the blessing of Allah be upon Muhammad and his progeny. O people of Kufa, you are hypocrites and deceitful. You feign to be sorry for the death of my brother and his companions. May you always shed tears. I find nothing in you but flattery, evil acts and thoughts, pride and spite and ill-will. By Allah! You deserve lasting sorrow instead of joy. Shame on you, your hands are imbrued with the blood of the son of the Holy Prophet, the one who was your sole refuge in case of adversity. By your evil act and disloyalty, you incurred the -wrath of Allah against you. Woe betide you! No one will intercede with Allah for you." 


The Hijab covers my body,
The Hijab covers my heart,
The Hijab lets me walk with pride,
My Hijab tells the world my identity,
My Hijab is the Connection between Allah (SWT) and me.


Gather your hands together
And send your prayers away
Whisper your utmost love to Allah
And ask Him what you may...
Fill Him in your heart
And your eyes and your ears
And your mind, your soul
and your tears...
Source: Islamic poems blog


One who lacks intelligence has no decorum, and one who lacks determination has no magnanimity, and one who has no modesty has no religion.It is for you to ponder, for it is revitalization for the heart of the perspicacious and the key to the gateways of wisdom