Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I KnOw u r aLwaYs TheRe 4 Me.......:)

You have always been there for me
 I just need to open up my eyes and see 

You would never let me go astray
 It is me who allows the shaytaan to take me away 
You are the only one I need
 I have to stop and take heed 
You will run to me as I begin my walk to you
 How do I put aside my desires? I really have no clue 
I have began to drown myself in great sin
 Ya Allah you are the only one who can help me swim 
Help me be patient and give me the ability to stay strong
 Otherwise I will stay deep within and continue to commit wrong 
I know ya Allah you will not let me down.. You will always be there
 That's because your the most merciful and you surly do care 
I know I can always count on you to be my side
 You will never shut the door rather you will keep it open real wide.....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ja`far as-Sadiq May Allah Bless Him and Give Him Peace

Name: Ja'far ibn Muhammed
Titles: As-Sadiq
Kuniya: Abu Abdullah
Birthdate: Monday, 17th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 83 A.H. in Madina
Father: Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (peace be upon him), 5th Holy Imam
Mother: Umm-e-Farwah
Died: (Martyred)
Date: Monday, 15th Rajab, 148 A.H.
Place: Madina, Arabia
Age: 65 years
Cause: Poisoned by Mansur Dawaneeqi, the 'Abbaside caliph
Buried: Madina, Arabia in Jannatul-Baqi

*The person moving to help his Momin brothers is like the person who is walking between Safa and Marwa.
*He who treats people kindly will be accepted as arbiter.
*To trust everybody in times of injustice and cheating is disability.
*To recognize the actuality of your friend, you should enrage him. If he keeps up his friendship, he is true friend lest, he is false.
*Do not appreciate one's affection before you enrage him three times.
*Do not trust your friend perfectly, because the knockdown of the trustful is incurable.
*Islam is a definite rank. Faith is one rank higher than Islam. Conviction is one rank higher than faith. People have been given a rank lower than conviction.
*The desire for the worldly pleasures causes grief and sadness. Abstinence from the worldly pleasures brings about the rest of both heart and body.
*He who gains oppression is not gaining welfare. He who mistreats people should not complain when people mistreat him.
*In homelands, exchanging visits is the means of association. In travel, correspondence is the means of association.
*Shaking hands is the perfect greeting of the resident and embracement is the perfect greeting of the traveler.
*A Muslim always has three characteristics: knowledge about the religion, good management of life, and perseverance in the faces of calamities.
*An actual believer is that whose sexual appetite does not overcome him and whose stomach does not shame him.
*A twenty-year friendship is kinship.
*Favors should be done only to the highborn or the religious. Those who show gratitude are very few.
*Enjoining good and forbidding evil should be practiced with a faithful believer that he would learn a lesson, or an ignorant that he would earn. Enjoining good and forbidding evil become surely worthless when they are applied to the powerful tyrants.
*As some people showed ingratitude for Allah's graces, He changed the graces into crises. As other people showed steadfastness against the misfortunes that inflicted them, Allah changed the misfortunes into graces.

Imam al-Sadiq (AS) was asked about personality, he answered: Personality stands for that Allah should not see you in situations against which He warned, and miss you in situations of which He ordered.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Powerful Dua Wird --Ya Lateef /Ya Latif - O Gentle / Subtle

Allah is gentle with His servants. he provides for whom He wills, and he is the Strong the Mighty.
Allahu Latifun bi 'ibadihi, yarzuqu man yasha'u, wa huwa l'-Qawiyyu l-'Aziz

From His beautiful and excellent Names is (Ya Lateef -O Gentle) Al-lateef: the meaning is the Ever-Discreetly Gentle, most affectionate, the knower of all sublities, The Subtle One, The Gracious, The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them, Most affectionate or knower of innermost secrets. He is the most delicate, fine, gentle, beautiful one. He is the one who knows the finest details of beauty. The finest of His beauties are hidden in the secrets of the beauties of the soul, wisdom, and divine light.

Subtle/Gentle: (1) so slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze, (2) operating in a hidden way [American Heritage Dictonary, 3rd Edition]. Latif: in the Arabic language: (1) the One who gives us our wants in a subtle way, (2) the One who does not wrong his servants even a little bit, (3) the One who shows grace to His creation by giving them their needs with gentleness and subtlety, (4) the One who knows the hidden delicacies of affairs [Fayruzabadi, The Encompassing Dictionary].

Whoever reads this Name Ya Lateef daily, Allah will grant abundance in his rizq (sustenance) and cause all his tasks to be accomplished without difficulties.

It is the noble attribute of Allah that saves one from poverty, misery, sickness, loneliness or any adversity, for Allah will surely grant him deliverance – Insha-Allah. ( For the one that has the ‘Ijaza-permission to recite Ya Lateef which is part of our daily Wird in our Tariqah )

( the hint is that the word lateef reminds you of lutf.. and basically ‘lutf in food’ the pleasure in eating. So, rizq is easy to remember and others (poverty, misery & sickness) are non-lutf stuff)

He (Allah) is the One who is so discreet in His actions that He discerns the hidden and secret, and what the hearts are filled with. He also perceives what is in the lands, of enclosed grains and seeds.

He is Ever-Gentle with His devoted slaves and makes things easy for them and keeps them away from difficulties. He makes the path to His Pleasure and Generosity easy for them.

He protects them from every and means that may lead to His anger. This is through means that they may perceive as well as means that they do not perceive. He (Allah) also decrees matters for them that they dislike in order for them to be granted what they love.

He is Gentle with them with respect to their own souls as He guides them to His beautiful ways and His noble creations.

He is Gentle with them with respect to matters that are external to them with every goodness and righteousness.

The name Al-Lateef is close in its meaning to Al-Khabeer (the Well-Acquainted with all things), Al-Ra`oof (the Clement) and Al-Kareem (the Generous).

Foot note about the openings of Ya Lateef:
To be open the sirr-secrets of the noble name Ya-Lateef one needs to have ‘Ijaza-permission to recite Ya Lateef which is part of our daily Wird in our Tariqah, thus the only way to really benefit 1000% is to join the tariqah.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fatimah (SWT) is a part of Me.......

When Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) was infromed of this question . Her Holiness replied that the best thing for a women is that her glance never falls on a male stranger and the glance of a male stranger does not fall on her

When this answer reached The Holy Prophet (SAWS), His Holiness was rejoiced and said:

“—-Fatimah (SWT) is a part of me (His Holiness The Prophet of Islam (SAWS)”.

Ibn Al-Maghazili mentions in his book Manaqib that (His Holiness) Ali ibn Al-Hussain ibn Ali (A.S) said:

“Once a blind man asked for permission to enter Fatima’s (Her Holiness) house

but she kept a veil between them. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) noticed her

(Our Lady Fatimah (SWT)) actions and asked:

`Why did you (Her Holiness(SWT)) keep a veil between you (Her Holiness (SWT))

when he cannot see you?”

Her Holiness Fatimah (SWT) answered :` Messanger of Allah, it is true that

he cannot see me (Her Holiness (SWT)), but I (Her Holiness (SWT)) can see

him and he can smell my (Her Holiness (SWT)) fragrance.’

At this, the Prophet (SAWS) said : “I bear witness that you are part of me”.

(Book `Fatimah the Gracious’ Pg 187)